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  • About Project

    About Project

    Today’s AI artworks are amazing. That’s not true that good effects come in seconds. The truth is that preparing new images can take hours. Making series can take weeks. AI is a tool that needs to be controlled by human. These days, AI is very powerful and it’s effects can go further than human mind…

  • Buy Merchandise

    Buy Merchandise

    T-Shirts, pillows, bottles, mugs, bags and many other items are available globally in the shop:

  • Tezos NFT Collection

    Tezos NFT Collection

    NFT is a new way to interact with digital art and get your own copy of an image. Collections can contain thousands of images, each piece can have a different owner. But this is still a collection, ownership is written on the blockchain and is not mutable. Tezos is the most modern and most decentralized…